Policies and Procedures


At St John's Primary we aim to provide a framework for a School Management Policy which:

  • encourages students to develop self-discipline and sense of worth, to respect the rights and feelings of others and to take responsibility of their own actions
  • ensures students, staff & parents clearly understand the school expectation of student behaviour
  • establishes a set of protocols for dealing with unacceptable student behaviour
  • establishes clear guidelines for contacting parents

"Corporal punishment, involving physical action by a staff member, is not permitted at St John's Primary". "Corporal punishment of a student means the application of physical force in order to punish or correct the student, but does not include the application of force to prevent personal injury to, or damage to, or the destruction of property of, any person (including the student)".


New laws pertaining to Child Protection are now in effect in all N.S.W. schools. Our school like all schools, must comply with this new legislation, which helps make St John‟s Primary School a safer place for our children.

The Child Protection (Prohibited Persons) Act 1998 requires any volunteer or employee in a child-related organisation to sign an Employment Declaration Form before they are allowed to work with children.

New staff must be screened and must sign an Employment Declaration Form before they can work at St John‟s Primary School. Existing staff have also signed the form. Parents and volunteers, who help in any school related activities, must sign the Employment Declaration Form. Even if you are able to assist only once per year (eg. School excursions), you must sign this form. Once signed, the form will be securely stored at your school.


Excursions and field trips are planned by teachers to give children a first hand experience of their local community and the wider community for senior students. They are planned to reinforce the subject matter, concepts and skills taught across the curriculum.

Students in Year 5 & 6 have the opportunity to attend overnight excursions. From a student and staff perspective, these excursions have proved to be most beneficial as curriculum enhancement activities.


Assigning homework serves various educational needs. Children are given homework each week and parents are asked to assist teachers by providing supervision and encouragement. Please contact your child's teacher if there are any problems.


Pastoral Care is the defining factor of the nature of Catholic Schools. At St John's, Pastoral Care is characterised by Gospel values which permeate ideas of love, kindness and the celebration of life. Pastoral Care is the integral part of all teaching and learning at St John's. It enables relationships between all parties to exist harmoniously. At St John‟s we have resources and techniques available to teachers so they can engage in Pastoral Care successfully.


The school has adopted the Privacy Policy of the Diocese of Bathurst. Each year a new Standard Collection Notice is issued – these should be read, signed and returned to school by the date shown. The Principal is the contact person for issues regarding the Privacy Policy.


The school recognises the danger posed by exposure to ultra violet solar radiation and has developed procedures in accordance with recommended guidelines.

The "No Hat - No Play" policy is strictly enforced. All children will wear school hats unless exempted by a medical statement. Students are expected to wear their hats while participating in all outdoor activities.


​The school’s main concern with the car park is the safety of the students and you are therefore requested to drive carefully and courteously. Please note the sign that indicate direction, instructions etc. Please do not exit your vehicle whilst in the pick-up bay. If you need to exit your car please find a safe parking space. Children are to wait in the designated area until parents collect them. Parents who collect children from PICK UP ZONE are required to display their family name clearly on the car dashboard for duty staff to be able to identify who is being picked up and to keep the traffic flowing. Parents are also asked not to park, pickup or drop off children in the staff carpark.